Vision, Understanding & Practice

When I was five I used to play secretary. I would clear my nightstand of the unnecessary contents and replace them with stacks of paper, pencils and pens, and a stapler, write some notes, staple some papers and stack and restack piles of papers. I never became a secretary, though I thought this was the career God had for me. I had a vision that He may have given me (one of my top gifts is administration), but I didn’t understand that the vision was not for me to be a secretary but to use my gift of administration with whatever He gave me to do.

Having vision is important. Without vision the people perish (Proverbs 29:18). So in order to have direction, not flounder and lead life to the fullest that God has for us, we must have a vision. But this vision must come from Him. As you know, God has given me a vision of who He would have recovering strong black women to be, but I recognize that having a vision is not enough. In order to get from re-imagined to reengineered, there needs to be a paradigm shift. So here is the paradigm for the framework “The Strong Black Woman: Re-imagined and Reengineered”:

Vision: You must be able to see where God wants you to be. What does this woman look like? What does this woman do? Who are her friends? What is her attitude? What are her goals? You must have an image in mind of God’s strong black woman (or God’s woman).

Understandings: This is where I provide the biblical basis for the vision. According to Scripture, why does God want you to look a certain way, do certain things, have certain friends, have a certain attitude, and set certain goals?

Practices: In this area I focus on how-to make the vision come to pass.
I hope you journey with me. And as always, I look forward to your feedback.


2 responses to “Vision, Understanding & Practice

  1. Practices: In this area I focus on how-to make the vision come to pass.>>>> A good illustration that I draw from when ‘making the vision come to pass’ is found in Esther 4 where the Queen is challenged by Mordecai to confront the King. I’m sure this “vision” caused her to pause with hesitation in considering the impact of her cousin’s request.

    I picture Esther being filled with a similar trepidation that happens to me when I am presented {read: overwhelmed} with something that would lead me into an uncharted area and call for me to depend solely upon Him. What’s impressive is that even in Esther’s apprehension and doubt she responds by calling for a fast. A fast that would cause her to mount up with wings; run, and not be weary; walk, and not faint. A fast that would give her the strength and courage to fulfill the challenge laid out before her.

    From this portrait I learn the importance of seeking 1st His Kingdom before venturing out into any practice. Seeking 1st the Kingdom of God brings clarification; it brings more confidence; it helps me to focus and concentrate better on my vision & His purpose; provides me with supernatural strength for the task; and helps me to be a better gatekeeper of my attitude, priorities, friendships, etc. as well as a better gatekeeper over my eyes, ears and heart in order that I might be clear on how to execute my next steps.

  2. musingsofastrongblackwoman

    Thanks, Steph. You really took the time to share your handling of practices and vision. This is good stuff!

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