Strong Black Woman Reengineered

For the last few years, our world has heard a lot about genetic engineering, taking genes from people to control what features a baby has, thus creating designer children. The above video talks about this, particularly having a third person’s genes added to the normal two person mix; the genes of this third person would help to create a baby that would be able to pass the third person’s genes down to the next generation. The narrator’s outcry is that this genetic engineering (or reengineering, as I see it) hardly made news, though this type of engineering has been going on for years.

I understand his outcry because genetic engineering has been going on for years in the Christian community and this hardly makes news. See, when that third person of the Holy Spirit comes to dwell inside a person, everyone should hear about this new life, this different life, for years after the change has come about. But for too many Christians we talk about the change for a brief season and then resume the behavior of our former, more familiar lives. Christians should make it consistently clear that we have been reengineered, not at the hands of man but by the hands of an all mighty God. We have the power to influence the next generation with our new lives. So shall it be for the reengineered strong black woman. This will be a woman who will unmistakably know that she has third party genes and will attribute all of her greatness to these genes. Her walk will be new, her talk will be new, she will look new, she will be new, and the next generation would want to be new because of her. Everyone will take notice of this good news, that her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has enabled her to be a strong black woman reengineered.

Copyright 2009 by Rhonda J. Smith


2 responses to “Strong Black Woman Reengineered

  1. Good word “mama”. Congrats on six months and may the Lord continue to use you to influence the world via the internet.

  2. musingsofastrongblackwoman

    Thank you, my second main man!

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