15 Signs of Pride

If any of the following describes you, you might be dealing with pride:

    1. You don’t like to apologize.
    2. You don’t apologize.
    3. Your apology is “I’m sorry you feel bad.”
    4. You hold grudges.
    5. You envy what others have.
    6. You compete for the attention others get.
    7. You don’t like to give compliments.
    8. Your compliment to another woman is “Oh, I have one just like that.”
    9. You compare your achievements to others’ achievements (e.g., I used to be able to do that).
    10. You compare your failures to others’ failures (e.g., At least I’m not as bad as …).
    11. You belittle someone’s accomplishment (e.g., I remember when you used to be wild or I remember when we used to hang out together at Charger’s Bar).
    12. You don’t ask for help.
    13. You reject the help given to you.
    14. You don’t like to admit when you don’t know something (e.g., the meaning of a word someone uses or the name of someone you see all the time)
    15. You don’t leave the house (or have an attitude when you do) because you’re not perfectly put together (e.g., You refuse to wear sandals if your toenails aren’t polished).

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