Blessed and Highly Favored, Part 2

In this day of social media, so many have begun to attract friends, fans and followers to promote themselves and their messages. In a more traditional way, telling people that you’re “blessed and highly favored” is about self promotion. We want people to look at us or to ask us questions to understand why we’ve used that phrase. But the term is almost exclusive and makes me wonder if we should use it at all.

In Scripture, Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the only person who is called this because of the special grace shown to her to give birth to the Savior. And the only group of people who is called this is referring to Christians (Ephesians 1:6). So I believe to say this word about yourself because of how well things are going in your life is misplaced because the type of grace given to Mary to do what she did won’t happen to anyone else. I also think this phrase is empty because it applies to all Christians, conveying our position in Christ and not how we are doing (i.e., how we feel).

Whether or not we use the term “blessed and highly favored,” I still want us to consider the conditions surrounding Mary’s blessing that I believe we need to ponder when we receive “blessings.”

• God selected Mary (Luke 1:30).
• God chose the type of blessing she would receive (giving birth to Jesus, the Savior of mankind; Luke 1:31-32).
• God chose the method to administer the blessing (through the Holy Ghost; Luke 1:35).
• God decided when Mary should broadcast the blessing (after three months; Luke 1:56).
• God told her what her blessing was for (Luke 1:32-33).
• God did the work (Luke 1:37).

If we believe that God has selected us to receive a blessing, I think we ought to be clear that God indeed did select the type of blessing; that we allow Him to give it to us the way He wants to give it to us; that we should allow Him to tell us when and with whom to share it; that we make sure we handle the blessing the way God intends; and that we allow Him to bring our blessing to pass without interfering.

Many times we claim something we believe will make us “blessed and highly favored” that God has not chosen us to receive. But once we recognize the blessing that will come from Him, let’s not dictate to God how we want to receive the blessing (i.e., specifying the “perfect” time for it or how it—or he—should look) let alone start to pursue the blessing when He didn’t tell us to. Once we get the blessing, let’s make sure we share it with those that He tells us to, particularly those who can rejoice with us (Romans 12:15). And, finally, we need to make sure we handle the blessing the way He wants us to. Just because He gives us money doesn’t give us license to spend it how we want. We must seek God and not simply rest on being “blessed and highly favored.”

Remember, the material gain and positions you have or see others with may not be blessings from God but enticements from Satan to do his bidding (Luke 4:1-12). Everybody claiming to be “blessed and highly favored” is not “blessed and highly favored.” Just because fruit is born doesn’t mean that the fruit has come from the right tree (Matthew 7:17, 12:33). “Blessed and highly favored” was the mantle given to Mary because of her humility, and humility always brings exaltation (1 Peter 5:6).

Copyright 2010 by Rhonda J. Smith


14 responses to “Blessed and Highly Favored, Part 2

  1. Good word. I appreciate how you expressed so nicely that we need to be careful and very mindful of what we say and why we say it as Christians.

  2. musingsofastrongblackwoman

    Thank you, sir.

  3. I just wanted to thank you for this. It was absolutely a word in due season. I have to tell you that I laughed out loud at this part: “specifying the “perfect” time for it or how it—or he—should look”. So true!

  4. musingsofastrongblackwoman

    Thanks for the feedback, Kirsten. My constant prayer is that my writing would help others.

  5. Excellent writing and spot on. I get tired of hearing tired old cliches from people who have no idea what they’re saying. You tell it like it truly is!

  6. musingsofastrongblackwoman

    Thanks Valerie.

  7. I have lost everything (savings, retirement, investments) and may possibly lose my home since I haven’t made a house payment in over a year. I have been unemployed since May 2009 and unemployment is about to run out. I have a wife and two young children and we have to use food stamps to eat. I was pulled over today for speeding (my first ticket in 20+ years). Yet, I am blessed and highly favored because I am a son of God almighty. He loves me, and cares for me and I rest in that love. When someone tells me they are blessed and highly favored I shake their hand, look them in the eyes and tell them “You ARE blessed!” (all caps for emphasis only).

  8. musingsofastrongblackwoman

    So glad that you know you are blessed, Richard, in spite of your losses.

  9. musingsofastrongblackwoman

    Thanks Omar.

  10. Just heard this phrase for the 1st time earlier this week. Not understanding what it meant, I googled it and here I am. The words came from a devout Christian, yet the term sounded almost arrogant. After reading your writings and the perspective of Richard’s comment, I have a better understanding of what the term means and how it can be used or taken. In my opinion it is something that should not be said to just anyone or used loosely because it can be misleading or taken the wrong way. Thank you & God Bless!

  11. musingsofastrongblackwoman


    I’m glad this article helped you come to an understanding of blessed and highly favored. If you haven’t already, check out part one of this post. Blessings to you.

  12. First giving honor to God & His excellent Son Jesus !!!! I’m thankful for a deeper insight on this topic, particularly the part about the way we use our blessings opposed to the purpose of why we were blessed in the first place . A prophet just spoke about that exact topic this past Sunday at my church so I take my coming across this message as confirmation that this is something I need to go to God for in advance when I receive the blessings that I’m grateful for . Thank you .

  13. musingsofastrongblackwoman

    I appreciate you reading, Valisha, and I’m so glad that you were able to hear God clearly through this post.

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