5 More Physical Beauty Tips

I realized that my last blog post was singularly focused on clothing. As you know, physical grooming is more than a nice outfit. You must make sure that you don’t mess up your clothes with bad body order, a whack hairdo, the wrong or no makeup and mismatched accessories. So this post is dedicated to encouraging you to get these areas right so your outfit will be tight!

1. Make sure you smell good before you look good. Most women in my blog demographic would find this tip insulting and rightfully so. If there is anything you wouldn’t be suffering from it is bad body odor. You know that it’s best to shower or bathe daily because anything less than that allows odor-causing bacteria to find a home in your underarms and private parts. But for the small minority of you who think that you can consistently get away with showering once a week or so and opting for a wash at your bathroom sink, think again, like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I don’t think so! And please remember to have fresh breath by brushing, flossing, and professionally cleaning your teeth. Don’t forget the mouthwash and mints.
2. Find a hair stylist that works for you. This could be at a salon, a friend or even you once you find out what looks work with you, what you can afford and who can provide you the service (including nurturing healthy hair) that you need. Don’t compromise because of money or convenience if your outcome would look like you didn’t get your hair done at all. Barter services. Read magazines, websites and blogs to find out what to do with your hair texture and head and facial structure. Keep your hair clean by not going beyond your regular treatment times. Do the best you can within your means.
3. Apply makeup to highlight your natural features or go without it. I love makeup, but when I apply more than my basics (eyeliner, lipstick and sometimes foundation), I look made up, not like an enhanced beauty. If you don’t have an eye for makeup application or know what colors bring out your natural features, consult professionals, like Chevelle Downs or Rashida TheGlamDoctor Williams.
4. Don’t over- or under-accessorize. There’s nothing more distracting than a huge pair of earrings and a bodacious necklace with an already decorative outfit. Accessories should enhance, not overpower, your look. If you have to ask, “Is this too much?” it probably is.
5. Keep your nails together. You don’t have to have a manicurist to make sure your nails aren’t ragged. Have at a minimum a nailbrush, clippers and file so you can keep your nails neat and clean. Polish or a nail salon is always a wonderful option if you have the time and money.
Taking the time and energy to care for your temple not only makes you look good but provides the perfect canvas to paint the “picture perfect” representative for Jesus Christ.

Copyright 2009 by Rhonda J. Smith


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