10 Physical Grooming Tips

Being well-groomed for God must start with a spirit that’s well-groomed. So if we want to reflect godliness in our look, we have to first have godliness in our heart. Always know that whatever actions we have come from what’s in our heart. Once we get our hearts together, we must make it our business to be well-groomed physically. I have listed 10 tips to help you get started or to reinforce your focus:

1. Pray that God will give you balance. Remember you want to be well-groomed, not for self-adulation but for God’s glorification.
2. Shop at high-quality discount stores. You can have high quality looks without high quality prices. Don’t ever forget stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.
3. Buy from consignment shops. When you can’t afford to buy new, even at a discount store, consignment shops are a good option. These are typically better versions of run of the mill resale shops; donors get paid for the clothing they give to consignment shops so to get the most money for their wares, they usually make sure to offer high quality clothing still in good condition.
4. Swap clothes with friends. Whether you trade clothes because your sizes have changed or you borrow an item to add to your look, friends can be good options when you don’t have time or money to shop.
5. Use coupons. These can be a hassle for me because of the time it takes to get them. But the time to buy a newspaper, check a website or ask for in-store coupons is worth the savings.
6. Care for items. Clean them immediately. Don’t allow stains to set or they may be permanent. Dirty wool attracts moths, thus holes. Also to prevent moth attacks, use cedar chips or wood hangers to avoid the smell of moth balls. Replace buttons. Repair holes. Use a lint brush and shaver.
7. Buy classic pieces. These are items that don’t go out of style, like a white shirt, dark suit, black dress and loafers. Make sure they are well made (i.e., stitching is strong) and you purchase clothing in good fabrics, like wool gabardine, silk and cotton. If you build your wardrobe on trends and not classics, you’re likely to have to change your wardrobe instead of simply updating it a bit.
8. Mix and match. Don’t wear the same shirt with the same skirt all the time. Change the shirt; add a blazer. Wear a hat. Add different color hosiery. Do something to give an old outfit a new twist.
9. Consult professionals or stylish friends for ideas. If you don’t have a clue about what I said in the previous items or you just don’t know how to put your look together once you follow the tips, get help. We all have a friend or know someone who is always well-groomed and stylish. If you don’t, check out fashion websites that have great tips. One is Possess Your Style by my childhood friend and always fashion forward Kalyn Johnson.
10. Always remember, your look is not for you but it is to attract people to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are His representatives. Let’s represent Him well.

Copyright 2009 by Rhonda J. Smith


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