Ingredients for Prayer

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Ingredients for Prayer: Maximizing Your Time with God
By Eric Lambert

I had been in church for years and had missed some of the basics, like salvation. Praise God He placed men and women of God in my life who could lead me to the truth of salvation in Jesus Christ. The Rev. Eric A. Lambert is such a man and his aim in his latest book, Ingredients for Prayer: Maximizing Your Time with God, is designed to lead Christians to true worship of God through a proper relationship of prayer.

“We are often challenged by the worldly view of prayer, and we fall into the trap that makes us think that we are able to use prayer to bully the Lord into doing what we want. Yet I believe prayer is a time for intimacy and connection with God,” Rev. Lambert says. “Prayer by definition is worshipful oratory. By hyper-definition, prayer is an act of intercourse with your soul and God’s spirit. It is you connecting with God until your desires have been replaced by His heart.”

Rev. Lambert doesn’t try to get fancy by using any new deep philosophies and such. He sticks to the basics, and his approach makes the reading smooth and his message easy to grasp. By using “The Lord’s Prayer” as a framework, he examines pieces of this prayer model to show ways to connect with God, like understanding the mind and will of God and becoming dependent upon and receiving the peace of God.

Rev. Lambert writes that having a God-centered and not self-centered focus on prayer helps you to know that “[p]rayer is not about you. It is about the will of the Lord being done through you. To make supplication means that you should bring your request to the Lord; however, you must be sure that your request does not go against the will of the Lord.”


In a time where people are looking for a quick fix to their many woes, Rev. Lambert offers a foundation for lasting stability where you are constantly connected to the greatest healer of all, Jesus Christ. Ingredients for Prayer is a must for anyone–new or seasoned Christian–who lacks intimacy with God.

Rev. Eric A. Lambert Jr. responded to God’s call to Jesus Christ in 1971. From that time he was active in Christian ministry, serving in a variety of capacities at Deliverance Evangelistic Church, under the pastorate of the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Smith Sr. In 1987, after God’s leading, Rev. Lambert established Bethel Deliverance International Church in 1987 with seven committed believers, just north of his hometown of Philadelphia. In addition to pastoring, Rev. Lambert is fulfilling his apostolic calling, having planted a number of churches and developed pastoral relationships with both new and seasoned pastors. He remains committed to spreading the love of God to those who do not know Him while stabilizing and fortifying believers. This is evident not only in his church but in the messages of his books. For more information, visit

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  1. Rhonda,

    Thanks for posting a book review for “Ingredients for Prayer” by Eric Lambert.


  2. musingsofastrongblackwoman

    You’re welcome, Ty. It was my great pleasure.

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