Women as Gatekeepers

When I enter some people’s homes, I just know that I can kick my shoes off, sit in their living room or eat a meal. Immediately I feel comfortable there because the home just oozes hospitality. This is due in large part to the women of these homes, who make it their business to provide comfort for their families and all who enter their doors. They know the traditional meaning of being a keeper of the home, but being a keeper goes beyond the physical and into the spiritual realm.

Remember that the phrase keeper at home comes from the root word meaning “a guard, be “ware,” and a key definition is the (watch or) keeper of the house. We get insight into this phrase when we consider the Old Testament role of the temple gatekeepers (1 Chronicles 9:23-32). These gatekeepers, or porters, guarded the temple gates on all four corners and cared for the treasures and ministering vessels in the temple. So their job was to protect from any opposing forces God’s physical building and the spiritual instruments inside the building that were dedicated for spiritual service. They also watched out for who should enter the temple. This is a great picture of what the woman of the house is supposed to do for her home.

The woman’s job is to guard the physical home and its members that have been called as spiritual instruments for God (whether they know it or not). Her job is to make sure that nothing enters the house that will be in opposition to the spiritual goals that the family has set. She is also in charge of making sure that what enters the home will help to further the family’s spiritual goals. What enters or is kept out the house affects the physical and spiritual aspects of the home. So if R-rated movies, violent video games and bad attitudes are against the family’s spiritual goals, they shouldn’t be in the house. And if crude people want to curse in your home, they shouldn’t be allowed either. As women, you must be vigilant. Protect your house from predators within and without to work toward a safe and comfortable home physically and spiritually.

Copyright 2009 by Rhonda J. Smith


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