Reasons for a Strong Black Woman to Skip Town

Pride has been the theme these past few weeks, and as you know maintaining pride can wear you out and make you act crazy when you realize the cost of maintaining it. So what’s a (recovering) strong black woman to do when she finds herself at her wits end? Skip town, of course:

    1. So she remains in recovery and won’t kill her kids.
    2. So her husband or boyfriend will still like her.
    3. So her friends remain her friends.
    4. So she maintains her brilliance.
    5. So she won’t curse out her boss.
    6. So she remains sane.
    7. So she won’t neglect important commitments.
    8. So she won’t go into permanent seclusion.
    9. So she doesn’t lose her Christian testimony.
    10. So God will be proud that she decided to refresh herself so she wouldn’t lose her Christian testimony.

Copyright 2009 by Rhonda J. Smith


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