Consecrate Yourself

Yesterday I had the privilege of being guest speaker for the Women’s Consecration Service at Ebenezer AME Church in Detroit. This was a kick-off event to get the women focused for Ebenezer’s women’s month in May. The Lord led me to discuss their theme—“Pursuing His Presence”—in light of the need to be consecrated; you can only remain in the Lord’s presence if you live a consecrated life–a life set apart from worldly pursuits for the service of God.

As God spoke to me what to say to the women, He was speaking to me about areas of my life that could quite possibly disqualify me from claiming to live a consecrated life. In the forefront of my mind were trying to figure out how to attend professional school, having a movie marathon, and avoiding, instead of trying to love, that pretentious sister in the Lord who just keeps irking me. There is nothing wrong with going to school or having a movie marathon, but when God hasn’t given me the okay to do these things I love, I am following worldly (or fleshly) pursuits and have not set myself apart for God’s service.

What about you? Are you having a hard time giving up some things you like but you know are keeping you from being consecrated? If you have found a way to always seek to set yourself apart for God’s service, tell us how you do it. This recovering strong black woman looks forward to hearing from you.


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