Taking Off

Last week was challenging trying to take a much-needed get away. Within that week loved ones of four people close to me died, I had the flu, I missed a women’s conference I was looking forward to attending, and I had to care for my sons who were also sick. I thank God for my husband who didn’t get sick and was able to take care of us all when he was home from work. He even took off one day to care for us. I truly had a lesson in giving up being controlling because there was very little that I could do. No laundry. Little cooking. Few support visits. Zero teaching. A lot of nothing. Before this involuntary vacation I would rarely rest myself but push to get everything done. Through the flu my body demanded a shutdown and I had to rest. I still had clothes to wear, was able to eat, supported friends through prayer and phone calls and realized that my son hadn’t suddenly gotten dumb. So even though my regime had to cease, I still had everything that I needed. And after my involuntary vacation, I got to get away overnight with my husband. Though it took a small production to pull off, we had a refreshing time. God’s plans truly were higher than mine and proved to be exactly what I needed.

Copyright 2009 By Rhonda J. Smith


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