Trust Issues

Being controlling means not trusting. Whether we are a subordinate usurping our leader’s control or a leader abusing our subordinates, the bottom line is a trust issue. We may say that we don’t trust others to do the job the way we would. That’s why we tell them how to do it or we simply do the job ourselves. We may even justify speaking harshly to someone because that’s the only way we believe we’ll get results. We say we don’t trust others to respond properly, but we really don’t trust God with others; we don’t believe that God can, or will, direct them to behave the way we want them to. And we believe the way we want them to behave is the best way. If God has other notions we don’t always want to hear them, let alone allow them to be executed.

This is what I realized when God told me to call my sister (See ‘Lose Control’). I justified that it was too early even though the God of the universe, who knows everything, told me to call her. I didn’t trust God, my personal savior, to handle my life because I wasn’t allowing Him to be my lord (master). My pastor, Christopher W. Brooks, gave an excellent sermon on this very issue. Following are some excerpts from that message titled “Who’s the Boss,” which is part one of the series “The Master’s Plan for Your Life.” If you want the entire message go to

Thought One: “Most of us don’t fully trust God so we don’t submit to Him.”

Thought Two: “God never reveals His master plan for your life until you trust Him as the master of your life.”

Thought Three: whos-the-boss-clip

Copyright 2009 By Rhonda J. Smith


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