I Give Up

When I find that I’m being controlling, sometimes this has to be my battle cry:

I Give Up!
I give up
the fight is yours
upon me Lord, your grace, please pour
to do your will
no questions asked
for it is your job to complete the task.

The life I Iive
it is not mine,
I am leaving that behind.
The fight, the struggle,
all my pride,
and all those other little things we hide.
To live a life that’s free of sin
True life in Christ, I shall begin.
“Go straight ahead with faith in Me
then you will find full life of peace.
They’ll strike you once, they’ll strike you twice,
you’ll realize life just isn’t nice.
Be brave my child, be brave my friend,
they’re gonna mock you ’til the end.
But if your attitude is right,
you’re gonna lead them to the light.”
©2009 Helena Nunn


One response to “I Give Up

  1. That brought tears! Thanks for sharing. And your comments on my blog are a great addition to the conversation. thanks for that too! God Bless!

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