Control vs. Controlling, Part 2

I talked about this Monday, but I think there needs to be more clarity between the control that means that you are in a position of oversight and the control that means you are controlling.

When we say someone is in control, she is handling her business well. We say, “She’s in control” with nodding approval and a big smile. When someone is controlling, we simply say, “She’s controlling,” and that woman is handling someone else’s business. We say this with raised eyebrows, pierced lips and a slowly nodding head that let’s everyone know that woman is out of order. She may be in an oversight position, which can be a good thing. But if she is being controlling in that position–overstepping the bounds of leadership (more on that in a future entry), that’s a bad thing. That is the wrong type of control. Be aware of the difference when you are in control!

Copyright 2009 By Rhonda J. Smith


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