Strong Black Woman Defined

The definitions are coming in. Please keep sending them. In the meantime, tell me what you think of the definitions listed below. Would you call yourself a strong black woman based on these definitions? Why or why not? Also check out and let me know what you think.

The term Strong Black Woman is often used to define the woman who can handle it all.–Cece

My definition of a strong black woman is a woman who has a strong identity in terms of race and gender. Additionally, she has high standards, not easily discouraged, resilient and able to persevere.–Marla

I believe a strong black woman is one who knows, accepts and appreciates who she is — emotional, opinionated, deeply compassionate, a deep lover of God and mankind and ever so sensitive. A nuturer and helper. Aware of how society and even her own race views her and able to remain true to herself, her family, history and ancestors. She is a supporter, encourager and a fighter. Knows that she has to keep getting up and knows that it is God who lifts her.–Paula


2 responses to “Strong Black Woman Defined

  1. I’m going to go at this from a little different perspective. I see the black woman part but I think the focus is on how strong is defined. Black women have a long history of great strength. Born queens and slaves, each able to rise to the occasion. Raising babies and ruling nations. Telling it like it is or never telling another living soul. Whatever you need she tries to be that. Countless acts of kindness. Able to love in spite of…
    All of these things define the strong black woman but I believe it is when she knows that the strong in her is not an adjective, but the most proper noun, does she understand how strong black woman is really defined.

  2. musingsofastrongblackwoman

    Thanks for your honestly, Chevelle. Your comments are definitely going to help further the discussions here.

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