Out of Control

My pledge was to publish this blog at least three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I never got to publish this Wednesday. I had my day planned perfectly: Get up and spend time with God; help my husband with the children before having lunch with a friend; have lunch with a friend; get home in time to receive other friends who were coming to visit; and then post my blog. But I never got to publish Wednesday because my neighborhood had a power outage while my friends were visiting. The time was about 4 p.m.

I couldn’t type, I couldn’t cook, I couldn’t see. We lit candles, but the house was getting cold and our stomachs were hungry. We left to get food and to hang out at my sister’s. Right after we picked up our food we talked to a neighbor who said the lights had just come back on about five minutes before. The time was 8 p.m. We went on to my sister’s to eat and to help them with their new home. Without access to a computer Wednesday went by without a post. Only in my second week of blogging, and I was veered from my plans. As a recovering strong black woman you know I didn’t like things not going as planned. But I had to accept that the circumstances were out of my control.

I asked you in the last post to write what your definition of a strong black woman is. Since no one started the discussion with a definition I will. I see her as one viewed to have everything in control even when chaos comes her way. She has a plan and works it. And if that plan doesn’t work she’ll try  the next plan that’s in the hopper. What do you think about my definition? I look to hear from you.

Copyright 2008 By Rhonda J. Smith


4 responses to “Out of Control

  1. My defintion of a strong black woman is a woman who has a strong identity in terms of race and gender. Additionally, she has high standards, not easily discouraged , resilient and able to persevere.

  2. I believe a strong black woman is one who knows, accepts and appreciates who she is — emotional, opinionated, deeply compassionate, a deep lover of God and mankind and ever so sensitive. A nuturer and helper. Aware of how society and even her own race views her and able to remain true to herself, her family, history and ancestors. She is a supporter, encourager and a fighter. Knows that she has to keep getting up and knows that it is God who lifts her.

  3. musingsofastrongblackwoman

    Thanks for the definition, Paula. It sounds like you have taken time to think about this.

  4. I like your definition.

    My definition of a strong black woman is one who has to take care of everything. The nurturer, provider, healer, listener, caretaker, leader and the fixer. Quite simply put the one who holds everything together. This woman was born in America during the slavery times out of pure necessity to survive. Now we have taken on this role that was handed down with much pride and zeal. I think we should step back and analyze what this role of a strong black woman is costing us. The bible clearly states the the Lord helps those who are weak, and I need His help. I am a recovering strong black woman.

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